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 Home Packages

Designed to maximize your project functionality, energy efficiency and affordability. Work with our design team to determine your projects requirements and budget.

Design Categories

Timber Frames Series

Contemporary / Modern Series

Cottage / Cabin Series

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Our Building Solution.

Trout Creek is a manufacturer and builder of homes with great design and functionality that are energy efficient and have great style. 

Trout Creek homes were founded over 20 years ago on the demand for custom log homes, and since then we have been innovating design and ‘behind the design’ green building products that maximize energy and efficiency of every home.  Our “HYBID” home is an energy saving envelope with the craftsmanship that Trout Creek homes are known for including Structural Insulated Panels (SIP’s), timber frame structures, high performance windows and doors and durable, low maintenance finishes.

Trout Creek is proud to work along side property owners, general contractors, and First Nation communities to provide beautiful homes to customers throughout BC, Canada, the United States, and other international places in the world.  Have your own design?  Our on-site mill provides speciality and structural lumber, doors, trusses, wood flooring, paneling, doors, windows and more with factory direct pricing and shipping. Our process is simple, effective and efficient, saving you time, money and stress.

Building a home can be a daunting experience and we are here to answer your questions and guide you through the entire experience from concept to site orientation, choosing materials to construction details to finalizing drawings, our experienced staff at Trout Creek can help you navigate it all.  Planning is the most critical.  Your overall building concept should be based on several factors including site orientation and services in the area.  After a full review and inspection, we will design the concept of your home, foundation and other project options.  3D concept drawings will help you visualize your new home.

Our Process

1. Design and Planning

The personalized design and planning stage starts by working with our experienced Trout Creek drafting team. We will then review your requirements of your home and specific building site needs.
Once you have decided on the size of your home, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and other specifications, we can then determine whether a stock home plan or custom plan will fit your needs best.
We will also discuss your style and design preferences to help build the home of your dreams.


2. Construction Drawings

After selecting the style of home our team will work with you to specify your expected energy requirements. Trout Creek homes are always designed and built to meet all specific requirements for energy efficiency. At this stage we will calculate what type of energy savings your new home will be eligible for.


3. Building Permit and Regulations

Our design team will complete your construction drawings and details to your satisfaction. Once the architectural drawings are complete the set of drawings will be engineered and ready to apply for permits.


4. Ordering and Manufacturing

Once the final drawings are complete we will organize a payment schedule and shipping date. After we receive your material deposit we will put your order into processing. Our onsite manufacturing department will then get to work on your new energy efficient home. During this time, your site work and foundation should be progressing.


5. Material Delivery and Install

Once the foundation work is complete, your Trout Creek building materials will be delivered, and your new home is ready to be assembled.  The assembly of the shell is a quick process.  Once the structure is completed, doors and windows will be added for the ‘lock-up’ stage.  At this point the home will maintain heat and cool air efficiently and is ready for finishing.

Home Package Options.

Development Package

  • Architectural and Structural Drawings
  • Shop Drawings for Assembly
  • Construction Details and Installation Guide

Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) Package

  • 6″(R25) – 12″ (R60) Exterior Walls
  • 10″(R40) – 12″ (R60) Roof Panels or Engineered Truss
  • All Required Specialty Fasteners and Accessories

Douglas Fir Timber Package (If Applicable)

  • Structural Post and Beam
  • Architectural Timber Accents
  • Rough Sawn or Sanded Finish – Stained
  • Required Specialty Fasteners and Hardware


High Performance Windows and Doors

    • Triple Glazed, Low-e Windows
    • Premium Series Vinyl Frames with Casement Openers
    • Fibreglass Door Slabs and Frames

Roofing Package

  • Metal Roof – Color or Galv.
  • Premium Underlayment Membrane
  • Metal Trims and Flashings
  • All Required Specialty Fasteners and Accessories

Exterior Finish Package

  • Siding and Moisture Barrier (Options include wood, hardie, panel metal and more!)
  • All trims for corners, windows, doors and roof fascias (Options include wood, smart trims and metal)
  • Wood Soffits – 1×6 T&G – Pine, Fir or Cedar (Pre-finishing available)
  • Required Specialty Fasteners and Hardware


Design Categories

Timber Frame Series

Contemporary / Modern Series

Cottage / Cabin Series

Craftsman Series

Garages & Guest Houses

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