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About Our Home Packages

Trout Creek home packages provide a building solution to owners and builders that far exceed expectations. Our process from design to completion takes the stress out of planning your project. 

  • Initial meeting with the Trout Creek team to determine the project requirements and restrictions. 
  • Approve design, selections and details of the project.
  • Obtain your building permit with our approved construction drawings.
  • Order your materials and schedule delivery for your first shipment!

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    Toll Free: 1.877.312.1172


    Some of the frequently asked questions about our home packages are here. If you have any further questions please reach out.

    What is included in the home package?

    We believe the most important part of the home is the building envelope and structure. The design and materials included to lock up will have the most impact on the comfort and sustainability of your home long term. Our packages include:

    • Design - Construction Drawings and Engineering
    • Structure - SIP Walls and Roof, Floor Systems, Custom Timber Components, Framing Lumber and Specialty Accessories
    • Windows and Doors - Triple Glaze Casement Windows, Fibreglass or Vinyl Doors
    • Siding - Various styles of siding to choose, Building Wrap, Trims and Flashings
    • Roofing - Standing Seam Metal, Premium Underlayment, Flashings and Closures
    What type of foundation can the home be built on?

    Foundation type usually depends on the site it is on. Trout Creek homes can be installed on the following foundation types:

    • Slab On Grade - Flat Ground
    • Frost Wall / Crawlspace - Flat Ground
    • Full Basement - Flat Ground
    • Walkout Basement - Sloping Ground
    • Screw Pile / Post Foundation - Flat or Sloping Ground 
    What is included in the design package?

    Our construction drawings are created specifically for your project and come with structural engineering approval. This means your design is ready to apply for a building permit in any district, city or county! 


    Can I make changes to any of the designs?

    YES! We have worked on many projects and no two have ever been alike. Our home designs are there to inspire and extract the real information we need to make your home exactly how you want it.

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