Design Process

Concept Ideas and Site Orientation

The earliest stage in planning can be most critical. The overall concept for the building should be based on several factors including site orientation and available services in the area. After a full review of your site requirements and location, we will design the concept of the home, foundation type and available options for your project. We will continue to work on the concept and provide you with 3D Concept Drawings and a set of preliminary drawings for your review.

Materials and Construction Details

Our design team will now work with you on the final material and colour selections. The design team will guide you through the available products and colours for your home. Through selecting the materials, we are able to provide the specific construction details for your project, making the on-site assembly seam-less.

Final Approval Drawings

Once the regulations are met, materials are selected and the construction details are complete, we will finalize your construction drawings, have them engineered and provide you with the specific materials lists for your home. A full set of permit ready drawings and all required documentation will be supplied to you.